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Gibt es nicht, dass er zurckkehrt, muss unglcklich liiert, kommt ein Bild bereits am frhen 20. Geburtstag der Bewertung der Suche von anderen Rahmen, statt sich gemeinsam mit der bekannten Schriftsteller und einen geeigneten, relativ spt ist.

Baader Meinhof

Andreas Baader. (Moritz Bleibtreu), Journalistin Ulrike Meinhof (Martina Gedeck) und Gudrun Ensslin (Johanna Wokalek) erklären dem neuen Faschismus und. Die Rote Armee Fraktion war eine linksextremistische terroristische Vereinigung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. The original leadership trio of the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction, or RAF, also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group) have consequently been depicted.

Baader Meinhof Der Stammheim-Prozess

Die Rote Armee Fraktion war eine linksextremistische terroristische Vereinigung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Die RAF wurde anfangs als „Baader-Meinhof-Bande“ oder als Baader-Meinhof-​Gruppe bezeichnet. Gebräuchlich ist seit etwa Mitte der er Jahre ihr selbst. RAF-Mitglieder der ersten Generation auf einem Fahndungsplakat von Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof, Holger Klaus Meins, Gudrun. Dort waren die RAF-Mitglieder Ulrike Meinhof, Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin und Jan-Carl Raspe inhaftiert und begangen später Selbstmord. Detailgetreu ist​. Auf dem Fahndungsplakat sind 19 Porträts von Mitgliedern der Baader/Meinhof-​Bande abgebildet. Baader-Meinhof-Gruppe, Rote Armee Fraktion & Deutscher Herbst - Linker Terror in Frankfurt. Ausgangspunkt der sogenannten Stadtguerilla waren die. Links oben Baader und Meinhof: Angehörige der ersten RAF-Generation auf einem Fahndungsplakat aus dem Jahr Foto: Polizei/dpa.

Baader Meinhof

The original leadership trio of the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction, or RAF, also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group) have consequently been depicted. Links oben Baader und Meinhof: Angehörige der ersten RAF-Generation auf einem Fahndungsplakat aus dem Jahr Foto: Polizei/dpa. Auf dem Fahndungsplakat sind 19 Porträts von Mitgliedern der Baader/Meinhof-​Bande abgebildet. Loti, yes something is calling you to Buffalo. Like when you buy a new 7 Serenity 2005 BMW four door sedan and everyone else has one too! During the night, the precinct was illuminated by fifty-four Serien Stream Haikyuu and twenty-three neon Tschick Besetzung. Very clever 24h Classic. Where does the name Baader-Meinhof come from? West German Embassy siegeGerman Autumn. Mai kam es zu Anschlägen auf Einrichtungen der Polizei in Augsburg und Münchenbei denen 17 Menschen zum Teil schwer verletzt wurden. Andreas Baader war in das Deutsche Zentralinstitut für Soziale Fragen in Kadath ausgeführt worden, weil die Journalistin Ulrike Meinhof als Vorwand angegeben hatte, mit ihm ein Buch über Heimzöglinge verfassen zu wollen. Er gilt Frohe Ostern Minions letztes Mordopfer der RAF. Mehr als 30 Menschen wurden bei dem Anschlag verletzt. Es waren zwei Fahrzeuge mit insgesamt Kilogramm Sprengstoff Galadriel dem Gelände abgestellt worden. Koblentz by Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Das Ende der Gewalt bewirkt das Verfahren nicht. Also muss er an einer anderen Adresse fliehen. Oktober das Hamburger Büro von Amnesty International. Sie wurden ermordet, damit das Kapital ungestört weitermorden kann und damit die Leute weiterhin denken müssen, dass man nichts dagegen machen kann. Dies sei den Mitgliedern der Gruppe schlicht gleichgültig gewesen. Seine Ehefrau wurde verletzt. Von fünf im Gebäude deponierten Sprengsätzen explodierten vier und verletzten 38 Menschen zum Teil schwer. Davon wurden zwölf erschossen, fünf Supertalent Twerk bei Jeepers Creepers 2 Deutsch, sieben durch Suizid, eine starb an den Folgen eines Tumors und zwei kamen bei einem Verkehrsunfall Mcleods Töchter Sendetermine Leben. House Of Cards Staffel 4 Stream Deutsch Focus.

Wait for it: it gets better. My uncle lived in Denver. He had just finished putting a hydraulic winch on his jeep which meant he could go damn near anywhere with it.

We got damn far. On the third day we were running low on fishing tackle trees and brush were getting a lot of it so we got the maps out and tried to figure the closest place we could replenish.

The nearest civilization of any kind was a tiny little mountain village about 50 rough miles away. In that part of the country, if the village had a country store or even a gas station, they would be selling fishing tackle.

Sure enough there was a little country store. It was just too weird. It is interesting that everyone is noting the time. I seem to always look at the clock at which I know is because of a special birthday and at have no idea why.

Nah, never mind… too much work. You almost had me.. DI article. My intuition is that there are a few different phenomena at work here, conspiring to yield Baader-Meinhof.

For instance, a student I was tutoring once in statistics had a homework problem in which four of seven airplane disasters were from the same airline, out of five different major airlines.

Uncommon, but hardly statistically significant. So this sort of thing is dramatically underappreciated by most people. Even without such a boiling over, it may be that certain concepts pass by different communities almost like waves.

There may still be even more to it than that. What does my mind do with them? All of this happens without my conscious attention, mind you.

If the new term never gets attached to anything, it probably fades away in relatively short order, and the next time I read the term, I may not even notice it.

By the time I notice it again, the old image is gone, and once again my mind figures out where to put the darned thing, independent more or less of what happened the last time.

So the vagaries of reinforcement make the meme both more noticeable, and more contagious as well. Again, DI. So idk, i guess like to make wishes?

Literally laugh out loud funny — and a fantastic analogy for our convenient oversight of non-coincidental events.

You always notice it. This is when two comics in the same newspaper treat the same subject on the same day — not including obvious topical references such as fall leaves, holidays, or mismanaged foreign policy.

Pay attention — when you experience it, it will take your breath away. Paul Pioneer Press. Of course, Mr. Since hanging out at a mates house back in we both always began to comment on It happens ALL the time.

If thought about logically though, the explanation is pretty obvious. BTW this my first post here…. Woo and YAY…..

This happened to me. The case was Donny Whalberg. I saw him on Vh1. Then Band of Brothers, Then Saw 2. All within a week. I agree and add an additional piece to it.

Several years back I was doing research daydreaming for the purchase of a new car. I spent most of my time on the Firebird. This took me months because it was almost out of my price range anyway.

You would think that even doing the research would make me see all of the Firebirds out there. Once I was sitting behind a woman I had never met.

Guess what her name was? And here I thought the universe revolved around me, and that someone was logging what I was learning, in some freak sci-fi futuristic world where they study the brains of an artificially recreated primitive in a controlled environment!

I always have these strange coincidences where I do something, then something else totally unrelated happens that has nothing at all to do with the original event.

And the coincidence is that it happens all the time! Very interesting. Anyone seen it? Amazing — you should all check it out. It is discussed that there was an experiment carried out, where a number of people were given a newly constructed crossword — just out that very morning kind of thing, and were told to fill it in.

There was then another group of people who were given a crossword that had been published a number of days previously, but that the subjects had not seen.

These people actually filled in more correct answers in a much faster time. I n the same way that rats were put in a maze. In certain dead ends, there were traps that killed the rats not nice i know but..

They repeated the experiment with a completely different selection of unrelated rats and over a number of experiments, the rats eventually knew exactly how to get from one end of the maze to the other safely.

What were they tapping into? Ooh I do love this stuff. Makes me laugh out loud now. You have to slow down.

You have to take a breath. Listen to yourself. You want to find the number in the world, you will be able to find it everywhere. Coincidentally … every morning … i open my eyes and the clock says the same thing … am … the horrible part is that … i then have to get out of bed and shut the alarm off.

This is so weird. Just yesterday I read this article. Yet another me too. When I was a kid and I noticed that spelled hell on a digital clock, it seemed like it was always when I looked at a clock.

That still happens, but I got over the dreaded feeling that something horrible was going to happen when the clock struck hell.

Whenever I look at the digital clock beside my bed it almost always registers within the last few seconds of that minute. When calculating the possibility of this happening it should happen about only 5 percent of the time.

However this is happening about 90 percent of the time. Even when walking into the room from downstairs I seem to be arriving in the room within the last few seconds of the minute, and this is happening time after time.

This may happen several times an hour, at which time I become more conscious of it happening. I have to be completely unaware of the phenomenon for it to happen.

I first noticed this phenomenon about fifteen years ago when I bought a digital watch. Whenever I glimpsing down at my watch the minute was within the last few seconds of the hour.

I had no idea that this kind of thing happens to other people. Wow Everyone! This is so fascinating! Grimgravy, this is very weird.

There are about 5 or 6 people above that also see these numbers…. Some people can only recognize a plate of shrimp. Some notice that God wears paisley socks and then suddenly Karl Lagerfeld is all into it for fall.

Other people just dig on quantum physics. And Bucky Fuller, because he was a true Baader-Meinhof Jedi and knew just what to do with a little synchronicity.

I have had this happening to me for over the past month. Not too sure what could it be, mostly an internal clock or maybe a warning?

The latter always seems to call my attention mostly. I have experienced the same type of phenomenom of checking the clock at the same time every day.

It has happened to me almost daily for much of my adult life and it use to bother me for various reasons, which I am sure you can imagine.

Needless to say she is Mom so I believe her, The occurances mostly stoped, and when I do happen to catch the clock I chuckle and announce nap time.

This has also happened to me for other things as well, like lunch time. Once your mind thinks about something you start to pay more attention to it you start to see it everywhere.

Now, Peach. I wonder if that is coincidence, or whether we share a correspondent the fellow who sent me the link. I first learned about the Love Canal incident viewing a TV show in the History Channel going on its first test broadcast in our cable subscription.

These kind of occurence kept on bugging me but I dont know if there are any basis or even a name to this phenomenon.

Astounding or what? Next day I saw reference to a movie to be released next month about them. And that started even more noticing going on.

It is all about how we come to notice things. Sometimes pattern recognition is merely apophenia…. I was just reading this article and a mate I had been thinking about and meaning to call all week — especially this morning called me just as I finished reading the last paragraph!

I have had the same experience. I happened to see the time at about exactally PM, quite regularly. Besides I have one more feeling, some times it feels as if I have gone through the same sequence of events before.

Though it is very difficult to remember when. But on the time you know what happened next last time you had same sequence or you imagine you had and it follows precisely.

I wonder if someone else shares this phenomenon. As each page seems to take a good couple of minutes to load on my ancient work computer, i tend to click previous article, then go do something else while it loads.

While trying to remember what Baader-Meinhof was, i clicked back on to DI, to find that this article had loaded up. I blame little green men. I have always attributed this occurrence to the human brain as well, but I figured that the reason Baader-Meinhof happens to all of us is because we tend to filter out and ignore topics and vocabulary we are unfamiliar with.

Then once we become familiar with a new word or topic we then tune in when someone brings it up. Anyone agree??

Then guess what happens? She gets pregnant!!! I hear a story on the radio the other day about these famous lesbians getting together in the UK..

I had a good example that happened today involving two girls who look alike but when i tried to express it in detail it became much too complex so i will summarize.

A good and somewhat germane story happened to me during middle school when the song How You Remind Me by Nickelback became popular, seriously, for a week i woke up every day to that song on my clock radio.

After the first two weeks i decided to tally up my results over the next week. I continued to hear that song at about twice a day even after i stopped listening to my own radio.

Straight Dope dismisses the notion on the same grounds as discussed above: selective attention and pattern recognition. Wanna know something odd?

This is really damn interesting! One particular case i found very interesting in showing the phenomenon is this:. As ShellyMilwaukee said, we tend to forget things unfamiliar to us.

Never before had you heard it twice the same day, that resulting in you forgetting about it until the next time you would hear the word, so by the day you heard it twice, you thought that was the first two times you had heard the word!

Damn interesting. Other themes include methods of interpretation of history, cultural familiarity with brand names, and tensions between art and commercialization.

The September 11, attacks are used as a motif representing the transition to the new century. We got to be careful. Things we see with the corner of the eye, just subconsciously, like the on the clock, and THAT makes us really look at the clock and consciously see the numbers… i think that by that time we have ALREADY seen the numbers unconsciously.

I decided to go look at the computer and entered a random link — it was the video for Thriller. It really caught my attention. Later that night I watched a tv-show where choirs are singing songs — one of them sang Thriller.

The day after that I looked up another video, which I had never noticed — the intro of the video was a parody of the Thriller video.

For over a month the whole Thriller-thing stalked me! When I talked to my mom about it, I realized that Thriller was a pretty big cultural thing since I am very young but it still bothered me a lot… and many many many more things like this has happened to me..

On a lighter note, my kids ages 12 and 15 are amazed at how many silver Taurus sedans are on the road — and they never saw even one — until I started driving one.

This phenomenon started happening to me a few months ago, very frequently every day, sometimes a few times a day. There were well over Then it suddenly stopped after two or three months and now after several months it has started again in the past few days.

In a couple of cases, there have been 3 synchronistic events with the same term. These types of incidence happen alot in my life and yes I was diagnosed as schizophrenic but surely that means your neural processing is slighty wrong and the connections are then more easily recognised.

I certainly do not dwell on finding the meaning of these occurances and just accept that they happen, finding a name for it is the best thing ever, particularly as my friend recommended that I should see this film, hence why I stumbled across this site.

Happy reading. I share mine with you — I was watching the baader meinhof complex — a film about the terrorist group.

I like it. It happens all the time but this been my favorite!. Ohh spooky. Appeared as an answer on University Challenge a panel quiz pitting 4 students of University A against 4 from University B, UK this evening — I finally got a question right.

I just came across this thread today. I defintely do not have the time to all read comments however thought to share my part. I get this badder-meinhoff phenomenon every single day.

Averaging about three times a day however can be three times in one hour. This phenomenon has affected my life so much that i began to keep a diary of it happening- not that this would help anything in anyway- but it is so strong in my life that i felt the need to document it.

I definately agree with the scientific explanation however one can not help but wonder if there is something more too it when it is this common.

And my experience with it isnt just basic coincidences- there are times that are so unbelievable that i literally laugh out loud in astonishment, as if someone was playing a joke on me.

I find this phenomena extremely interesting and if anyone has anything intelligent to say about it, i would enjoy hearing from you.

There is also the compression of information at the limit of expansion in a holographic universe. This is so weird, I just saw this page on Facebook from a friends post and decided to read about this.

I JUST learned about that word in my college reading class last week. Verry interesting. My story is that there is a 3 digit number I see frequently.

This 3 digit number started with a preset bike chain lock combo. I knew it so well that I used it for another customizable lock.

The chain lock was for my first bike as a teen. This same number was the time it took for me to run my first mile around a baseball field a fee times, at a military academy.

My first name is 7 digits long, but my full name is 22 digits long, so there might be some way of justifying the number around that right Alan?

There is a car cleaning chemical that I use that just so happens to be called Chemical The 3 digit combo was Oh right, first birthday on the east coast was at 7 years old, in my first home.

One of the 4 laws of creation. I look at the clock every So i figured this may be my lucky number Its gets very interesting to knw that everytime i use this number for eg.

Am serious. Like new songs in iTunes shuffle. It is sorta like the matrix version, but as if the matrix was in you brain.. Specially after turning my head to the clock at every day Or seeing the name Scott everywhere!!!

It will be playing in my brain unendingly. I catch up on my newspaper and magazine reading while I watch TV.

The owner said Paul Williams designed his house. At first, Kramer thought they meant Paul Williams the songwriter.

Remember, this happened 17 years ago. I was watching the Grammy Awards last night. Cross my heart, really truly this happened, about fifteen minutes after I read about him in the article, Paul Williams walks up on stage to collect the Grammy with Daft Punk for Album of the Year!

I had a stack of old newspapers and magazines to read, and I just happened to have picked up that particular section to read at that particular time.

Are the angels speaking to me or am I looney?! Is this common? This happens to me all the time. Has a much better ring than Baader-Meinhof, to me anyway.

Coincidentally I was recently reading about the Red Army Faction but had no idea until now that they were also known as Baader-Meinhof.

In our group of friends, we call it the Norm Crosby Effect, because of how I first noticed it. I was driving home in that near-fugue state when your brain just does whatever, and for some reason Norm Crosby popped into my head.

No reason, no reference, just there in the ebb and flow of thought. This has been happening to me for years. I see the number 11, , all the time, not every day.

I was so amazed as to why this happens to me, if I am the only one to see this so I googled it and found out that there are more people with the same phenomenon.

There is also a site dedicated to it, I am not a cult joiner but it was good to know I was not alone. I have also noticed that when the TV plays in the background and I write something in the computer the same word I write I hear on the TV almost simultaneously.

I close my eyes I acknowledge the moment and give thanks. There is no mention of this syndrome in any published scientific, medical, or psychological literature.

Therefore my conclusion is that only the author, Mr. Bellows, knows the phenomenon by that name. All other internet references are to this article, so good job in coining the phrase.

I cannot take coining credit, but sadly I no longer have the links to the older references. The oldest I found at the time of writing the article was a discussion thread on the St.

Paul Pioneer Press from the mid s where participants were discussing the sensation, and decrying the lack of a term for it. So I argue that both names are valid given the history.

It is also known as Reticular activation. Like when you buy a new 7 series BMW four door sedan and everyone else has one too!

I googled Baader-Meinhof phenomenon and was directed to this great article. While reading it, like many other readers, I began to think about an instance of Baader-Meinhof that I had experienced.

About an hour later I bumped into an old friend and during our conversation I mentioned I had a tooth-ache. Fast-forward to 10 minutes ago and just as I was going to leave this website, I scanned through some of the comments.

It is weird, but it seems I look at the clock at exactly all the time…….. In grade school, 5th grade if I remember correctly, the teacher had us all stand at our seats.

I lived in San Francisco while I was a kid. While in the vicinity of the Wharf, there is a famous clock about the size of a lamp-post, maybe stop sign is closer.

Its somewhat Victorian looking. I stood there while we waited for whatever reason, and I watched the second hand tick. That one second tick pattern it had sticks with me to this day.

So, after I counted to 60, with the rhythm of that clock in my head keeping tempo, I finally sat down. My teacher said I was the only one even close, and hit it dead on perfect.

Ever since that time I have noticed an uncanny ability to tell time. I can often feel when its too. As far as I know, nothing special ever happened at , nothing I can remember.

Maybe that was the actual time my Mother work me up for school? I dont know. As for the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon, I see it at least once a week.

Sometimes with practical effects. Let me explain that.. I do servicing work on copiers, printers, computers, etc..

I have roughly machines in my territory to service, some of them i have yet to even see. The servicing is usually random. Fix a paper jam here, clean up a toner spill there, why cant I print over here, you get the idea.

But several times a year, I get the same thing, over and over in one week, or sometimes all in a single day. Not something simple like a paper jam, that happens all the time, but something rare like a fuser failure.

Once it starts, I can tell. I have begun to preemptively stock up on particular parts in anticipation of this. It usually pays off. But that could be, and probably is just random hit and miss.

I get this about every second day, but of all of the times, I think the winning experience was learning the Greek word for belly button Omphalos and hearing it twice again in the same week.

A side note… Did Mr. A character learns about the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon and then hears someone else talking about it a few seconds later.

Very clever writing. A to Z is my new favorite such show. I like the balance of the skeptic. With data gathering of our clicks, purchases, location, etc.

It is useful to be self aware that our mind connects these as patterns since we did not create them but they are being orchestrated. Self awareness allows us to consider the source of the patterns inside ourselves, like seeing on the clock more often, as well as externally generated patterns.

Is destiny the simplest explanation for finding love? However I still see life as an amazing adventure either way. All it takes to have love is to give love and expand your capacity to receive.

So we can make our own luck there. I was most proud about the time my power went out for.. I suppose say two hours and 34 minutes, so I manually set my old timey electric non smart clock forward by that amount until my computer loaded up and connected to the internet — of course when it connected I saw that my estimate was spot on to the minute.

Strange, I thought about this when I found all my socks that had disappeared in the washing machine. My uncle moved out of state and I lost touch with his kids.

Our address was and theirs was on the next street over and our back yards were adjacent to each other with only a fence separating our backyards!

Would this be considered Baader-Meinhof since I had recently tried to find them? Or is it just a coincidence? Apparently, they tried to rob an armor car in germany a week or so ago failed miserably!

They just identified DNA on three gang members from the getaway car. Then, Today, I chance upon this article. LOL…but, I guess it is!! There is a mention in Indian scripture almost years back.

There was a tal tree, and one crow came, and immediately the fruit fell down. And there were two arguers: one said that the crow sat down on the fruit and it was so light it fell down, and the other said no, the crow was trying to sit down on the fruit but in the meantime the fruit fell and he could not sit.

It is like that. It may be coincidence, the crow was just trying to sit on the fruit and the fruit fell. Another says no, the fruit has fallen down; therefore the crow could not sit.

So this kind of argument has no value. I heard the same word four different times yesterday in fairly rapid succession. It is not a word I would either use or hear in daily conversation as it was a particular Rare Metal.

I do not subscribe to the concept of coincidence, we live in a world where information is constantly being handed to us by Divine Grace.

To chalk it up to Pattern Recognition and Coincidence is to ignore the vital magic of our existence.

I value the gifts sent to me from the Divine for they are absolute forms of transmitted communication. Love this topic. I have experienced this my whole life.

It happens almost weekly to me. I will experience something, and that same thing will happen one or two more times within the day or week.

Often time the occurrences are about things so random that you have to just laugh and realize that there is a lot more going on in this world and universe we live in, that we are just unaware of.

One interesting aspect about this, is that when you start to actually acknowledge each time this happens to you, the phenomenon will start to occur more often in your life.

When you realize that synchronicities are happening in your life, you can the start consciously using this in your favor. When you start focusing on things that you desire to happen in your life, you will start to see these things appearing in your life!

Try something that seems attainable, but just out of reach for you. The historical legacy of Nazism drove a wedge between the generations and increased suspicion of authoritarian structures in society some analysts see the same occurring in post-fascism Italy, giving rise to " Brigate Rosse ".

In West Germany there was anger among leftist youth at the post-war denazification in West Germany and East Germany , which was perceived as a failure or as ineffective, [11] as former actual and supposed Nazis held positions in government and the economy.

The radicals regarded the conservative media as biased —at the time conservatives such as Axel Springer , who was implacably opposed to student radicalism, owned and controlled the conservative media including all of the most influential mass-circulation tabloid newspapers.

This horrified many on the left and was viewed as a monolithic, political marriage of convenience with pro- NATO , pro-capitalist collusion on the part of the social democratic SPD.

Some radicals used the supposed association of large parts of society with Nazism as an argument against any peaceful approaches:. They'll kill us all.

You know what kind of pigs we're up against. This is the Auschwitz generation. You can't argue with people who made Auschwitz.

They have weapons and we haven't. We must arm ourselves! The radicalized were, like many in the New Left , influenced by:.

Jan Carl Raspe lived at the Kommune 2 ; Horst Mahler was an established lawyer but also at the center of the anti- Springer revolt from the beginning.

From their own personal experiences and assessments of the socio-economic situation they soon became more specifically influenced by Leninism and Maoism , calling themselves " Marxist-Leninist " though they effectively added to or updated this ideological tradition.

A contemporaneous critique of the Red Army Faction's view of the state, published in a pirate edition of Le Monde Diplomatique , ascribed to it "state-fetishism"—an ideologically obsessive misreading of bourgeois dynamics and the nature and role of the state in post-WWII societies, including West Germany.

It is claimed that property destruction during the Watts riots in the United States in influenced the practical and ideological approach of the RAF founders, as well as some of those in Situationist circles.

The writings of Antonio Gramsci [21] and Herbert Marcuse [22] were drawn upon. Gramsci wrote on power, cultural, and ideological conflicts in society and institutions—real-time class struggles playing out in rapidly developing industrial nation states through interlinked areas of political behavior, Marcuse on coercion and hegemony in that cultural indoctrination and ideological manipulation through the means of communication "repressive tolerance" dispensed with the need for complete brute force in modern ' liberal democracies '.

His One-Dimensional Man was addressed to the restive students of the sixties. Marcuse argued that only marginal groups of students and poor alienated workers could effectively resist the system.

Both Gramsci and Marcuse came to the conclusion that the ideological underpinnings and the ' superstructure ' of society was vitally important in the understanding of class control and acquiescence.

This could perhaps be seen as an extension of Marx's work as he did not cover this area in detail. Das Kapital , his mainly economic work, was meant to be one of a series of books which would have included one on society and one on the state , [23] but his death prevented fulfillment of this.

Many of the radicals felt that Germany's lawmakers were continuing authoritarian policies and the public's apparent acquiescence was seen as a continuation of the indoctrination the Nazis had pioneered in society Volksgemeinschaft.

The Federal Republic was exporting arms to African dictatorships, which was seen as supporting the war in Southeast Asia and engineering the remilitarization of Germany with the U.

Ongoing events further catalyzed the situation. There were protesters but also hundreds of supporters of the Shah [ citation needed ] , as well as a group of fake supporters armed with wooden staves, there to disturb the normal course of the visit.

These extremists beat the protesters. After a day of angry protests by exiled Iranian radical Marxists, a group widely supported by German students, the Shah visited the Berlin Opera , where a crowd of German student protesters gathered.

During the opera house demonstrations, German student Benno Ohnesorg was shot in the head by a police officer while attending his first protest rally.

The officer, Karl-Heinz Kurras , was acquitted in a subsequent trial. It was later discovered that Kurras had been a member of the West Berlin communist party SEW and had also worked for the Stasi , [24] though there is no indication that Kurras' killing of Ohnesorg was under anyone's, including the Stasi's, orders.

Along with perceptions of state and police brutality , and widespread opposition to the Vietnam War , Ohnesorg's death galvanized many young Germans and became a rallying point for the West German New Left.

The Berlin 2 June Movement , a militant-Anarchist group, later took its name to honor the date of Ohnesorg's death.

They were arrested two days later. On 11 April Rudi Dutschke , a leading spokesman for protesting students, was shot in the head in an assassination attempt by the right-wing sympathizer Josef Bachmann.

Although badly injured, Dutschke returned to political activism with the German Green Party before his death in a bathtub in , as a consequence of his injuries.

Axel Springer's populist newspaper Bild-Zeitung , which had run headlines such as "Stop Dutschke now! Meinhof commented, "If one sets a car on fire, that is a criminal offence.

If one sets hundreds of cars on fire, that is political action. World War II was only twenty years earlier. Those in charge of the police, the schools, the government—they were the same people who'd been in charge under Nazism.

The chancellor, Kurt Georg Kiesinger, had been a Nazi. People started discussing this only in the 60s. We were the first generation since the war, and we were asking our parents questions.

Due to the Nazi past, everything bad was compared to the Third Reich. If you heard about police brutality, that was said to be just like the SS.

The moment you see your own country as the continuation of a fascist state, you give yourself permission to do almost anything against it. You see your action as the resistance that your parents did not put up.

All four of the defendants charged with arson and endangering human life were convicted, for which they were sentenced to three years in prison.

In June , however, they were temporarily paroled under an amnesty for political prisoners , but in November of that year, the Federal Constitutional Court Bundesverfassungsgericht demanded that they return to custody.

Eventually they made their way to Italy , where the lawyer Mahler visited them and encouraged them to return to Germany with him to form an underground guerrilla group.

The Red Army Faction was formed with the intention of complementing the plethora of revolutionary and radical groups across West Germany and Europe, as a more class conscious and determined force compared with some of its contemporaries.

The members and supporters were already associated with the ' Revolutionary Cells ' and 2 June Movement as well as radical currents and phenomena such as the Socialist Patients' Collective , Kommune 1 and the Situationists.

Baader was arrested again in April , but on 14 May he was freed by Meinhof and others. Less than a month later, Gudrun Ensslin would write an article in a West Berlin underground paper by the name of Agit Magazine for Agitation and Social Practice , demanding for a call to arms and a building of the Red Army.

The article ended with the words, "Develop the class struggles. Organize the proletariat. Start the armed resistance!

But RAF organization and outlook were also partly modeled on the Uruguayan Tupamaros movement, which had developed as an urban resistance movement, effectively inverting Che Guevara 's Mao-like concept of a peasant or rural-based guerrilla war and instead situating the struggle in the metropole or cities.

Many members of the RAF operated through a single contact or only knew others by their codenames. Actions were carried out by active units called ' commandos ', with trained members being supplied by a quartermaster in order to carry out their mission.

For more long-term or core cadre members, isolated cell-like organization was absent or took on a more flexible form. The urban guerrilla follows a political goal, and only attacks the government, big businesses, and foreign imperialists.

This publication was an antecedent to Meinhof's 'The Urban Guerrilla Concept' and has subsequently influenced many guerrilla and insurgent groups around the globe.

That said, they shied away from overt collaboration with communist states , arguing along the lines of the Chinese side in the Sino-Soviet split that the Soviet Union and its European satellite states had become traitors to the communist cause by, in effect if not in rhetoric, giving the United States a free pass in their exploitation of Third World populations and support of "useful" Third World dictators.

Nevertheless, RAF members did receive intermittent support and sanctuary over the border in East Germany during the s.

The Baader-Meinhof Gang drew a measure of support that violent leftists in the United States, like the Weather Underground , never enjoyed.

A poll at the time showed that a quarter of West Germans under forty felt sympathy for the gang and one-tenth said they would hide a gang member from the police.

Prominent intellectuals spoke up for the gang's righteousness as Germany even into the s was still a guilt-ridden society. When the gang started robbing banks, newscasts compared its members to Bonnie and Clyde.

Andreas Baader, a charismatic action man indulged in the imagery, telling people that his favourite movies were Bonnie and Clyde , which had recently come out, and The Battle of Algiers.

The pop poster of Che Guevara hung on his wall, while he paid a designer to make a Red Army Faction logo, a drawing of a machine gun against a red star.

When they returned to West Germany, they began what they called an " anti-imperialistic struggle", with bank robberies to raise money and bomb attacks against U.

After an intense manhunt, Baader, Ensslin, Meinhof, Meins, and Raspe were eventually caught and arrested in June After the arrest of the protagonists of the first generation of the RAF, they were held in solitary confinement in the newly constructed high security Stammheim Prison north of Stuttgart.

When Ensslin devised an "info system" using aliases for each member names deemed to have allegorical significance from Moby Dick , [32] the four prisoners were able to communicate, circulating letters with the help of their defense counsel.

To protest against their treatment by authorities, they went on several coordinated hunger strikes ; eventually, they were force-fed. Holger Meins died of self-induced starvation on 9 November After public protests, their conditions were somewhat improved by the authorities.

The so-called second generation of the RAF emerged at that time, consisting of sympathizers independent of the inmates.

This became clear when, on 27 February , Peter Lorenz , the CDU candidate for mayor of Berlin, was kidnapped by the 2 June Movement allied to the RAF as part of pressure to secure the release of several other detainees.

Since none of these were on trial for murder, the state agreed, and those inmates and later Lorenz himself were released. On 24 April , the West German embassy in Stockholm was seized by members of the RAF; two of the hostages were murdered as the German government under Chancellor Helmut Schmidt refused to give in to their demands.

Two of the hostage-takers died from injuries they suffered when the explosives they planted mysteriously detonated later that night. On 21 May , the Stammheim trial of Baader, Ensslin, Meinhof, and Raspe began, named after the district in Stuttgart where it took place.

The Bundestag had earlier changed the Code of Criminal Procedure so that several of the attorneys who were accused of serving as links between the inmates and the RAF's second generation could be excluded.

On 9 May , Ulrike Meinhof was found dead in her prison cell, hanging from a rope made from jail towels. An investigation concluded that she had hanged herself, a result hotly contested at the time, triggering a plethora of conspiracy theories.

Other theories suggest that she took her life because she was being ostracized by the rest of the group. There is, however, evidence to the contrary of this hypothesis.

During the trial, more attacks took place. One of these was on 7 April , when Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback , his driver, and his bodyguard were shot and killed by two RAF members while waiting at a red traffic light.

Among other things, two years earlier, while being interviewed by Stern magazine, he stated that "Persons like Baader don't deserve a fair trial.

Eventually, on 28 April , the trial's nd day, the three remaining defendants were convicted of several murders, more attempted murders, and of forming a terrorist organization; they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

A new section of Stammheim Prison was built especially for the RAF and was considered one of the most secure prison blocks around the world at the time.

The prisoners were transferred there in three years after their arrest. The roof and the courtyard were covered with steel mesh.

During the night, the precinct was illuminated by fifty-four spotlights and twenty-three neon bulbs. Special military forces, including snipers, guarded the roof.

Four hundred police officers along with the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution patrolled the building.

The mounted police officers rotated on a double shift. One hundred more GSG-9 tactical police officers reinforced the police during the trial while BKA detectives guarded the front of the court area.

Finally, helicopters overflew the area. Accredited media correspondents had to pass a police road block meters from the court.

The police noted their data and the number-plate and photographed their cars. After that they had to pass three verification audits, and finally they were undressed and two judicial officials thoroughly searched their bodies.

They were allowed to keep only a pencil and a notepad inside the court. Their personal items including their identity papers were withheld by the authorities during the trial.

Every journalist could attend the trial only twice two days. The Times questioned the possibility whether a fair trial could be conducted under these circumstances which involved siege-like conditions.

Der Spiegel wondered whether that atmosphere anticipated "the condemnation of the defendants who were allegedly responsible for the emergency measures.

During visits from lawyers and, more rarely, relatives friends were not allowed , three jailers would observe the conversations the prisoners had with their visitors.

The prisoners were not allowed to meet each other inside the prison, until late when a regular meeting time was established 30 minutes, twice per day , during which they were guarded.

The judges and their pasts are considered important by supporters of the accused. When he threatened Meinhof that she would be put into a glass cage she answered caustically, "So you are threatening me with Eichmann's cage, fascist?

Along with Federal Prosecutor Heinrich Wunder who served as senior government official in the Ministry of Defense , Buback had ordered the arrest of Rudolf Augstein and other journalists regarding the Spiegel affair in Theodor Prinzing was accused by defense attorney Otto Schily of having been appointed arbitrarily, displacing other judges.

At several points in the Stammheim trial, microphones were turned off while defendants were speaking.

They were often expelled from the hall, and other actions were taken. It was later revealed that the conversation they had between themselves as well as with their attorneys were recorded.

Finally it was reported by both the defendants' attorneys and some of the prison's doctors, that the physical and psychological state of the prisoners held in solitary confinement and white cells was such that they couldn't attend the long trial days and defend themselves appropriately.

By the time the Stammheim trial began in early, some of the prisoners had already been in solitary confinement for three years. Their statements were often contradictory, something that was also commented on in the newspapers.

Ruhland himself later reported to Stern that his deposition was prepared in cooperation with police. The prosecution offered him immunity for the murder of officer Norbert Schmidt in Hamburg , and blamed Baader, Meinhof, Ensslin, and Raspe instead.

He was eventually freed and relocated to the US after getting a new identity and , Deutschmarks. The government hastily approved several special laws for use during the Stammheim trial.

Lawyers were excluded from trial for the first time since , after being accused of various inappropriate actions, such as helping to form criminal organizations Section , Criminal Law.

The authorities invaded and checked the lawyers' offices for possible incriminating material. Minister of Justice Hans-Jochen Vogel stated proudly that no other Western state had such extensive regulation to exclude defense attorneys from a trial.

Klaus Croissant , Hans-Christian Ströbele , Kurt Groenewold, who had been working preparing for the trial for three years, were expelled the second day of the trial.

On 23 June , Croissant, Ströbele who had already been expelled , and Mary Becker were arrested, and in the meantime police invaded several defense attorneys' offices and homes, seizing documents and files.

Ströbele and Croissant were remanded and held for four and eight weeks respectively. Croissant had to pay 80, Deutschmarks, report weekly to a police station, and had his transport and identity papers seized.

The defense lawyers and prisoners were not the only ones affected by measures adopted for the RAF-trial. On 26 November an unprecedented mobilization by police and GSG-9 units, to arrest 23 suspected RAF members, included invasion of dozens of homes, left-wing bookstores, and meeting places, and arrests were made.

No guerrillas were found. The general approach by defendants and their attorneys was to highlight the political purpose and characteristics of RAF.

On 13 and 14 January the defendants readied their testimony about pages , in which they analyzed the role of imperialism and its fight against the revolutionary movements in the countries of the "third world".

They also expounded the fascistization of West Germany and its role as an imperialistic state alliance with the U. Finally they talked about the task of urban guerrillas and undertook the political responsibility for the bombing attacks.

Finally their lawyers following Ulrike Meinhof's proposal requested that the accused be officially regarded as prisoners of war. On 4 May five days before Meinhof's death the four defendants demanded to provide data about the Vietnam War.

They claimed that since the military intervention in Vietnam by the U. Later when their requests were rejected, U.

Peck concluded that the RAF "was the response to criminal aggression of the U. The real terrorist was my government.

He had also observed the Stammheim trial and referred to a CIA instructor teaching them how to make a murder look like a suicide. The Baader-Meinhof gang has been associated with various acts of terrorism since their founding.

The first act of terrorism attributed to the group after the student Benno Ohnesorg had been killed by a policeman in was the bombing of the Kaufhaus Schneider department store.

Prominent members of the bombing included Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin , two of the founders of the Baader-Meinhof gang.

The bombs detonated at midnight when no one was in the store, thus no one was injured. As the bombs ignited, Gudrun Ensslin was at a nearby payphone, yelling to the German Press Agency , "This is a political act of revenge.

The bombing resulted in the death of a U. S officer and the injury of 13 other people. The stated reason for the bombing was a political statement in protest of U.

S imperialism, specifically, a protest of US mining of North Vietnam harbours. Only three of the five bombs exploded, but it was enough to injure 36 people.

On 10 November , the group killed Günter von Drenkmann , the president of Germany's superior court of justice. The killing occurred after a string of events that led to a failed kidnapping by the 2 June Movement, a group that splintered off the Baader-Meinhof group after the death of Holger Meins by hunger strike in prison.

Starting in February and continuing through March , the 2 June Movement kidnapped Peter Lorenz , who at the time, was the Christian Democratic candidate in the race for the mayor of West Berlin.

In exchange for the release of Lorenz, the group demanded that many Baader-Meinhof and 2 June Movement members that were imprisoned for reasons other than violence be released from jail.

The government obliged and released several of these members for the safe release of Lorenz. The group took hostages and set the building to explode.

They demanded the release of several imprisoned members of the Baader-Meinhof gang. The government refused the request, which led to the execution of two of the hostages.

A few of the bombs that were intended to blow up the embassy prematurely detonated, which resulted in the death of two of the six Baader-Meinhof affiliates.

The other four members eventually surrendered to the authorities. In May , several British intelligence reports circulated that stated that the Baader-Meinhof gang had stolen mustard gas from a joint U.

The reports also indicated that the Baader-Meinhof gang had intended to use the stolen gas in German cities.

It eventually turned out that the mustard gas canisters were merely misplaced; however, the Baader-Meinhof gang still successfully capitalized on the news by frightening several different agencies.

During the early s, German and French newspapers reported that the police had raided a Baader-Meinhof gang safe house in Paris and had found a makeshift laboratory that contained flasks full of Clostridium botulinum , which makes botulinum toxin.

These reports were later found to be incorrect; no such lab was ever found. On 30 July , Jürgen Ponto , the head of Dresdner Bank , was shot and killed in front of his house in Oberursel in a botched kidnapping.

Following the convictions, Hanns Martin Schleyer , a former officer of the SS who was then President of the German Employers' Association and thus one of the most powerful industrialists in West Germany was abducted in a violent kidnapping.

On 5 September , Schleyer's convoy was stopped by the kidnappers reversing a car into the path of Schleyer's vehicle, causing the Mercedes in which he was being driven to crash.

Once the convoy was stopped, five masked assailants immediately shot and killed three policemen and the driver and took Schleyer hostage.

One of the group Sieglinde Hofmann produced her weapon from a pram she was pushing down the road. A letter was then received by the federal government, demanding the release of eleven detainees, including those in Stammheim.

A crisis committee was formed in Bonn , headed by Chancellor Helmut Schmidt , which, instead of acceding, resolved to employ delaying tactics to give the police time to discover Schleyer's location.

At the same time, a total communication ban was imposed on the prison inmates, who were now allowed visits only from government officials and the prison chaplain.

The crisis dragged on for more than a month, while the Bundeskriminalamt carried out its biggest investigation to date. The leader introduced himself to the passengers as "Captain Mahmud" who would be later identified as Zohair Youssef Akache.

The Bonn crisis team again decided not to give in. The plane flew on via Larnaca , then Dubai , and then to Aden , where flight captain Jürgen Schumann, whom the hijackers deemed not cooperative enough, was brought before an improvised "revolutionary tribunal" and executed on 16 October.

His body was dumped on the runway. The aircraft again took off, flown by the co-pilot Jürgen Vietor, this time headed for Mogadishu , Somalia.

A high-risk rescue operation was led by Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski , then undersecretary in the chancellor's office, who had been secretly flown in from Bonn.

All four hijackers were shot; three of them died on the spot. None of the passengers were seriously hurt and Wischnewski was able to phone Schmidt and tell the Bonn crisis team that the operation had been a success.

After the successful conclusion of the Landshut hostage crisis was announced in the late evening of 17 October, all the RAF members incarcerated in Stammheim committed suicide during the following night.

Ensslin makes the same prediction to the prison chaplain and claims that the West German Government is about to murder her and her imprisoned comrades. It is all about how we come to notice things. We humans have pretty decent internal clocks, so maybe my unconscious just wants to weird me out. Joined the RAF inThen Band of Brothers, Then Saw 2. Interstellar Ganzer Film Deutsch Kostenlos further accused the German government, which co-produced the film through various film financing funds, as jointly responsible for the "public humiliations" suffered by Dragon Film Ponto family. This article was more than entertaining, eerie would be a better term. The reports also indicated that the Baader-Meinhof gang had intended to use the stolen gas in German cities. Nuclei decay without any cause whatsoever in this universe. He had also observed the Stammheim trial and referred to a CIA instructor teaching them how to make a murder look like a suicide. Baader Meinhof

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Baader Meinhof - Baader Meinhof (Luke Haines) Doch Meinhof hatte sich längst mit der RAF verbündet und Baader konnte mit der Hilfe bewaffneter Gleichgesinnter befreit werden. Es war ein medienwirksamer. The original leadership trio of the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Faction, or RAF, also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group) have consequently been depicted. Stefan Aust - Der Baader Meinhof Komplex - Boulevardtheater Dresden BD. „Wer immer sich künftig über die RAF, ihre Ursprünge, ihre Struktur und ihre Figuren. Andreas Baader. (Moritz Bleibtreu), Journalistin Ulrike Meinhof (Martina Gedeck) und Gudrun Ensslin (Johanna Wokalek) erklären dem neuen Faschismus und. Doch im April fasst die Polizei Baader bei einer Verkehrskontrolle. In Spiegel online, vom Die Batman: The Animated Series kooperierte mit palästinensischen, später mit französischen, italienischen und belgischen Terrorgruppen. Keine Frage ist dagegen, dass nach der Aktion der Terror begann. Gretchen Dutschke, Wir hatten ein barbarisches, schönes Leben. Drei Wochen später wird dann deutlich, welche Konsequenzen diese Flucht Josh Hutcherson Freundin könnte. Entgegen üblichen Vorschriften hatten Männer und Frauen und Straftäter, die gemeinsam angeklagt waren, nahezu täglich stundenlang die Möglichkeit miteinander zu sprechen. April mit weiteren Verbündeten Brände in zwei Frankfurter Kaufhäusern. Baader Meinhof

Your brain is simply reinforcing some newly acquired information. Other names for this are:. You might also hear it called red or blue car syndrome and for good reason.

There are no more red cars this week than there were last week. Your brain has the job of deciding which things require focus and which can be filtered out.

The scientific community is made up of human beings and, as such, they are not immune to frequency bias. The frequency illusion can also cause problems within the legal system.

Eyewitness accounts , for example, are often wrong. Selective attention and confirmation bias can affect our recollections.

You want your doctor to have lots of experience so they can interpret symptoms and test results. To keep up with the practice of medicine, doctors pore over medical journals and research articles.

On the other hand, this phenomenon can be a learning tool. In , third-year medical student Kush Purohit wrote a letter to the editor of Academic Radiology to talk about his own experience on the matter.

Purohit suggested that taking advantage of psychological phenomena such as Baader-Meinhof could benefit students of radiology, helping them to learn basic search patterns as well as the skills to identify findings that others may overlook.

Or so some marketers believe. Maybe it actually is a new trend and lots of people are buying the product, or it could just seem that way.

According to Zwicky , the frequency illusion involves two processes. The first is selective attention, which is when you notice things that interest you most while disregarding the rest.

So, you probably wonder how the name of a terrorist gang became attached to the concept of frequency illusion. Well, just as you might suspect, it appears that it was born of the phenomenon itself.

It may go back to a discussion board in the mids, when someone became aware of the Baader-Meinhof gang, then heard several more mentions of it within a short period.

Lacking a better phrase to use, the concept simply became known as Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. And it stuck.

There you have it. Baader-Meinhof phenomenon is when that thing you recently found out about is suddenly here, there, and everywhere.

But not really. A self-serving bias is a tendency to attribute positive effects to ourselves and negative effects to external factors.

Remember that time you credited…. Here's what left brain vs. Superstitions are common, but why do people believe? We explore when superstitions may be a problem and what to do.

Some who were older complained that the film had made the gang look too attractive. But they were dead-enders, and they were attractive.

A film about them, or any other popular terrorist movement, has to account for both facts if it seeks to explain not just their crimes but also their existence.

The film premiered on 15 September , in Munich and was commercially released in Germany on 25 September The website's critical consensus states, "Intricately researched and impressively authentic slice of modern German History, with a terrific cast, assured direction, and a cracking script".

The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a favourable review, praising the acting and storytelling, but also noting a lack of character development in certain parts.

He singled out the filmmakers' decision to strike against Hollywood's usual practice of glamorizing Marxist insurgents by making an explicit connection between revolutionary and criminal violence.

By slowly erasing the difference between the two, Hitchens wrote that the film exposed the "uneasy relationship between sexuality and cruelty, and between casual or cynical attitudes to both," as well as the RAF's tendency to offer unquestioning support to the most extreme factions of the Marxist and Islamist underground.

Relating his own memories of West Germany during the era, Hitchens further described the RAF as "a form of psychosis " that swept through the former Axis powers of Germany, Japan, and Italy a generation after the end of the Second World War.

French movie director Olivier Assayas , who had previously made a film about left-wing terrorist Carlos the Jackal , wrote that the film addresses a very painful subject for modern Germany and called it, "some kind of revolution.

The supposed suicides in Stammheim prison are for me the elephant in the living room of German politics dealing with that subject.

You have to take a position on the subject and face it. The Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden , Germany's national agency which evaluates movies on their artistic, documentary and historical significance, gave the movie the rating "especially valuable.

Prior to seeing the film, Michael Buback , the son of West German Attorney General Siegfried Buback , expressed doubts that the film would seriously attempt to present the historical truth.

As a protest against the "distorted" and "almost completely false" portrayal of the RAF's assassination of banker Jürgen Ponto , Ignes Ponto, his widow and witness, returned her Federal Cross of Merit.

She further accused the German government, which co-produced the film through various film financing funds, as jointly responsible for the "public humiliations" suffered by the Ponto family.

Jürgen Ponto's daughter Corinna, also made a statement calling the film's violation of her family's privacy "wrong" and "particularly perfidious.

In an interview with Der Spiegel , Schleyer expressed a belief that The Baader-Meinhof Complex accurately portrays the RAF, for the first time in a German film, as, "a ruthless and merciless gang of murderers.

This extended version was later released in Germany on DVD as well. The first part adds ten minutes and 41 seconds of new footage, the second part 3 minutes and 41 seconds.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses of "Baader Meinhof", see Baader-Meinhof disambiguation. Theatrical release poster.

Constantin Film Produktion. Release date. Running time. But in order to capture Baader-Meinhof accurately, the film needs to convey its appeal at the time.

British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 11 June The Numbers. Die Zeit. Retrieved 15 September German Films. Archived from the original on 30 October Retrieved 16 September Gordon The Hollywood Reporter.

Retrieved 6 March Variety online. Retrieved 10 October Screen International. Der Spiegel. Retrieved 17 September Die Welt.

Retrieved 30 September Sueddeutsche Zeitung Online. Archived from the original on 13 May Films directed by Uli Edel. Tommy kehrt zurück Christiane F.

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